Independent Senior Living Cottage Homes

Wildewood Downs in Columbia, SC

Cottage home Prices start in the low $200’s.

Living in a cottage home at Wildewood Downs will quickly get you a membership to the cool kids club. An ideal location, combined with Wildewood Downs’s beauty, will have old friends and new, wanting to visit many times over.

Our popular floor plans range from 1,794 to 2,439 square feet. What makes the floor plans so attractive, is that every one of our members has the opportunity to enhance their home and personalize it to their liking. After all, it is their home. Whether adding square footage or cabinets, upgrading bathroom tile or hardwood floors, placing plantation shutters or choosing slate for the fireplace…our members enjoy making their new home comfortable and a place that welcomes fun, friends and good times.

Hear From Our Members – Bill & Diana

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Well I’m a tinkerer so I haven’t relinquished all my tinkering uh yet but it’s nice to know that if this is a job bigger than I want to take on you just pick up the phone and they’re pretty reliable come reasonably quickly to get things fixed. We got a new chandelier for our little dining room area and he was going to put it up and I said you know you could probably call and have them come and do it. Here they came put it up, you know I mean that was wonderful. And the girls that come in and clean the house, oh my gosh that was another thing my daughter was astonished three people showed up and they just ran around like little elves, just cleaned everything up like crazy you know. Someone’s vacuuming one’s doing the bathrooms and other ones in the kitchen. Amy’s just sitting there going oh my gosh mom I said I know once a week. Pampered is the word we feel so pampered because we don’t have to do any of this stuff anymore. It is nice to know though that if the refrigerator goes out you don’t have to worry about it. If the roof leaks you don’t have to worry about it. um It’s from that perspective it is a godsend that you don’t have to be putting money away to take on those big ticket items that only come up every 10 years, but when they come up they hurt. We feel like we’re on vacation to be honest with you, we really do. We were at the pool the other day and we were sitting there and we said you know it just feels like we’re at a resort and my daughter said that’s because you live in a resort mom. I said yeah I guess we do. Lucky us.

Maintenance-Free Living

Each home is a single-story, patio design to allow freedom of movement without steps or stairs. With wide doorways, elevated electrical outlets, easily-accessible bathrooms, flexible shelving, and spacious but easy-to reach cabinets, each one of our floor plans was created to give our members a home in which they felt safe, secure and stress-free.

Home Maintenance Managed

  • HVAC
  • Landscaping
  • Winterization
  • Interior & Exterior Lighting
  • Roof & Gutters
  • Window & Doors
  • Faucets & Drains
  • Appliances & More

Cottage Home Floor Plans

Two- and three-bedroom cottages include a full kitchen, laundry area with washer and dryer, spacious living and dining rooms, heated garage and master suite. Outdoor patios make it as easy to entertain family and friends as it is to relax with the morning paper.