Senior Living Villa Apartments

Wildewood Downs in Columbia, SC

Villa apartment prices start at $87,000.

Our Independent Living villa apartments are at the center of Wildewood Downs’ fun social life. With enough room for your pet, favorite collectibles, outdoor gear and spouse, they’re a perfect option for those who live life big.

In case of bad weather or scorching heat, you never have to leave the building to get to the dining room, parties, your mailbox, the movies or other events inside the clubhouse. Each apartment is connected via hallway, with elevators to connect you to every floor.

In short, our apartments offer an outstanding option for people looking to simplify their lifestyle by subtracting chores while adding in affordability, convenience, friends and good times.

Hear From Our Members – Bill & Diana

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We have a great time. We have a nice little gang of friends that we all kind of moved in at the same time and everybody’s like that you know. They’re real funny and a lot of fun. And we play bridge, and we go out to dinner together, and we go to each other’s house for a drink, and then go to the dining room. We were used to entertaining with elaborate dinner parties and stuff like that. Here somebody puts out a little bowl of peanuts, you go to their house for an hour, you have a drink then come to the dining room all together and eat. It’s so easy you know and just so much fun.