Living the Weller Life

– January 2021 –

Santa Claus Workout Video

Our Wellness Director, Teka was at it again with line dancing, and this time the big man himself, Santa Claus joined us!! Words can’t express how excited our Members were about this dance! They practiced for weeks and even had an audience to watch! They had SO much fun we’re excited to share their incredible performance with all of our Facebook followers!


This week we were crushing COVID-19 one arm at a time! We had our Independent Living, Care Services, and Team Members receive the first round of the COVID vaccine We had so much fun dancing down the halls to get their shots – to make it even better we had Live Long Well Care sponsor and raffle off three lovely goodie baskets! As a delicious reward, Wellness Director Teka had a yummy trail mix for attendees on their way out!

We recently hosted our COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic at Wildewood Downs to receive our 1st dosage for Members and staff. We’re so proud to be doing our part to keep our Members safe and to stop the spread of the virus.

Bike Ride

This week the weather has been perfect to go for a bike ride! Ms. Alice S. is enjoying riding in the sun and getting exercise!

Grocery Shopping

The safety of our Members is our top priority! One way we continue to do this at Wildewood Downs is through online grocery shopping! Our Social Director, Lena sits down with our Members to assist them in picking out their items and ordering groceries! Our team will arrive at the scheduled pick up time and deliver them right to the doors of our Members. We love this service!

Chef’s Table

This week, our Dining Team hosted a unique “Chef’s Table” dining experience! We welcomed some of our potential future Members to enjoy a delicious meal and the food looked too good not to share! YUM!

New Year’s Eve

Cheers to 2021! Unfortunately, we had to cancel our New Year’s Eve celebration dinner at the last minute, but that didn’t stop us from ringing in the New Year! Our members still got their midnight “kisses”, complete with party hats, champagne & flutes, and a delicious dinner that was delivered or picked up! Make sure to check out all of these fun photos!!

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